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Creek Evolution 2 CD Player
Creek Destiny 2 CD Player
Creek Evolution 2 CD Player

Creek Destiny 2 CD Player


CD Player

CD player is an electronic device used to play music.

The market is flooded with CD players. Let us see a few of them.

Cambridge Audio Azur has introduced as many as 7 models in CD player range. All the models are available in attractive black and silver color and use the circuit which won award in 540c and 640c players.

Cambridge Audio Azur 340C: The chassis of this model ensures that there is least disturbance and guarantees super sonic music quality for any CD that you would play. The front panel is made of aluminum and comes with aluminum remote control. It is available at a Sale price: $329.00.

Cambridge Audio Azur 640C V2: If we want to describe the quality of this model in minimum words, we would say it is the winner of What HI-Fi Sound and Vision award for best CD player in the range of less than $500. Its transformer provides least disturbance and the signals are extremely powerful. All the components are of metal to ensure rigidity.

Cambridge Audio Azur 550C: This relatively simple designed model offers great performance. The technology used in this model enables to transmit complete digital data with minimum vibrations to provide an enjoyable experience of music.

Cambridge Audio Azur 650C: With all the advanced features and beautiful outlook, super smooth controls and clear displays, makes this model a must buy.

Cambridge Audio Azur 740C: If you are want a CD player in the medium budget range, and then opt for this model. Priced at $1095, this model has pioneered the use of unsampling technology in the medium price segment. The technology used is the same as that used in model 840C. By using of this technology, the jitters are completely eliminated.

Cambridge Audio Azur 840C Up-Sampling CD Player: This is an up market model priced at $1595. Superior unsampling technology, laid on the foundation of strong chassis makes this model unique.

Creek Evo CD player: The assembly and the chip set of this model is of Philips make. It is equipped with external voltage selector, making it internationally usable. It uses 8 voltage stablilizers. The master clock is tuned to cause minimum jitters.

Creek Destiny: This model is in the premium segment and priced at $2495. By concentrating on performance, the company has made changes in the model design to ensure optimum performance to the customers.

Roksan Kandy CD Player MkIII: For the medium budget, this model is priced at $1435. Its precision engineering and state of the art know how enables optimum benefit of your CD.

Music Hall CD25.2 24/192: This model is better known to produce quality results at lower price. The focus on detail and design has led to improvement in performance.

Music Hall Maverick: This uses unsampling technique and can play 2 channel stereo for both audio as well as CD.

Shanling SCD-T200 SACD Player: It is priced at $2695. The decoding chip used is CXD2752R SACD of Sony brand and uses KHM-2334AAA drive by Sony.

Cambridge Audio Azur 540C V2: If you want superior quality and best performance then, this model is just right for you. This model is unmatched both in terms of quality and price. It uses WM8740 24-bit/192 kHz DAC technology bought from renowned maker Wolfson. Its data relocking ensures minimum vibrations. You can enjoy all the advanced features of this model via remote.

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