C-2 Pre-Amp
C-2 Pre-Amp C-2 Pre-Amp C-2 Pre-Amp C-2 Pre-Amp C-2 Pre-Amp
$ 220.00

For sale, a used Carver C-2 2 channel Preamplifier. Tested and cleaned, works great. Has some light scratches on the top plate that are very faint. They do not affect the functionality or look of the piece. Please see photos for a closer look. The Carver C-2 offers an easy and smooth transition between the components of your system.   It produces accurate, clear sound.


From Carver: 

"Imagine a sound system in your home utilizing your favorite turntable with either a moving coil of moving magnet phone cartridge being taped by your cassette deck and reel to reel. Now imaging taping from one tape deck to another with the ease of just one click. Then, when you wish to move on to new dimensions, switch to either your digital disc player, your tuner or an extra signal processor at will. All this flexibility is offered by the C-2 with one overriding prime directive: To reproduce your music with absolute sonic purity."


"An External Processor Loop switch lets you add and enjoy equalizers, expanders, special speaker EQ boxes, open-ended noise reduction units." 





Frequency response -3dB @ 3Hz and 80kHz.

Infrasonic Filter 18dB/Octave below 20Hz, f3 = 15kHz Equalization +-7dB @ 100Hz/ +-7dB @ 10kHz

Input impedance 100k ohm parallel with 150pf

Output impedance 600 ohm

Total Harmonic Distortion 0.05%

MM S/N A-weighted 0.5v ref. 83dB IHF A-Weighted re 5mV @ 47k ohm

MC S/N A-weighted 0.5v ref. 77dB IHF A-Weighted re 500uV @ 47k ohm


2.55"H, 17.3"W, 9"D