JD 502CRC Tube
JD 502CRC Tube JD 502CRC Tube
$ 1,675.00

Experience the Dynamics and Bottom-End Authority of 6550 Tubes

The 502CRC uses the 6550 power tube, another famous audiophile tube with a reputation for delivering better frequency extension and incredible bottom-end control. The 6550 is a rocker, taking control of your loudspeakers and not letting go. The502CRC outputs 60WPC of dynamic, full-throttle rock and roll. Under the hood, this beast is all class, with custom Jolida transformers, a Blue ALPS volume control, gold plated RCA jacks and an XLR input. The easy-bias tube circuit ensures long life and complete reliability. Crank it up!


  • Fully Integrated Stereo Amplifier: Input 600mV driving 60 watts, maximum 85 watts output
  • Remote Control
  • Four Analog Inputs, Three with Gold-Plated RCAs and one pair XLRs
  • Easy bias with top panel bias testing terminal with bias adjustment controls
  • Gold-Plated Binding Posts With Both 4 ohm & 8 ohm taps
  • High Grade Parts, Blue ALPS pot and high-grade caps, resistors
  • Variable and Fixed Outputs


Maximum power Output: 85 WPC @ 8 ohms (1KHz)
Rated Power Output: 60 WPC @ 8 ohms (25Hz to 60KHz)
Frequency Response: 8Hz to 130KHz ±1dB
Bandwidth: 14Hz to 50KHz ±3dB
Distortion THD+N: Less than 1% at 20V output, 28Hz to 15kHz, 8 ohms
Circuit Type: Ultra Linear, Class AB1
Input Impedance: 100k Ohms
Input Sensitivity: 600mV for 60 watt output
Output Impedance: 4 ohms and 8 ohms
Negative Feedback: Less than 5dB
Noise & Hum: <85dB
Tube Complement:
  Qty 4 6550 (2x Matched Pair), KT88 Compatible
  Qty 2 12AT7A Drivers
  Qty 2 12AX7A Pre-amp
Power Requirements: 110V-120 VAC 60Hz
Dimensions (HWD): 7.5"x17x15
Weight: 39 Lbs
Warranty: Two year limited parts and labor. One year or 1000 hours whichever comes first on Jolida Tubes
Fuse: 6.3A Small Fast Blow