Pro-Ject RM 1.3 Turntable
$ 429.00

A discontinued but fantastic turntable, this is our last RM-1.3 and is available only in red. It is sealed, in the box and comes with a full manufacturers warranty.

The Best Under-$500 Turntable Package on the Market

Ready to Go out of the Box: Everything You Need to Spin LPs is Included

Whether you are new to the peerless pleasures of listening to vinyl records, a former LP junkie returning to a favorite pastime, or a seasoned analog veteran ready for a new turntable, the Pro-Ject RM-1.3 is a complete turntable package that can’t be beat. The bargain-priced RM-1.3 includes a ‘table, tonearm, and factory installed cartridge so that everything is ready to go moments after you take it out the box. No fussing or calibration required. Simply connect the RM-1.3 to your amplifier’s phono input or an outboard phono stage, put on a record, sit back, and enjoy. Available in three gorgeous high-gloss finishes (black, red, and white), the RM-1.3 is also aesthetically pleasing and visually striking.

Music Direct realizes cheaper turntable combinations are available. Yet we refuse to sell anything that we wouldn’t personally recommend to friends and family. And while we can’t in good conscious offer less expensive ‘tables that do not meet our high standards in performance, construction, and ease of use, the Pro-Ject RM-1.3 exceeds our expectations in every way.

We want to make sure you are outfitted with a turntable that not only will last but offer countless hours of pleasure via performance that’s on par with more complicated models that cost much more. The RM-1.3 is designed for music lovers that want to get straight to the music without having to worry about time-consuming assembly, measurements, tweaks, and maintenance. It’s why this model is ideal for vinyl-spinning newbies and busy listeners reconnecting with the hobby. Don’t shortchange yourself by settling for an inferior turntable that will soon need to be replaced and actually damage your records. Built to last, the RM-1.3 will instantly elevate the details, dynamics, and information stored in your LPs’ grooves.

Technically speaking, the RM-1.3’s table features a decoupled AC synchronous motor with a two-step pulley for speed selection. A resonance-optimized platter runs on an inverted chrome-plated, stainless steel axle. The redesigned Pro-Ject tonearm is milled from a single piece of aluminum. A new counterweight helps the easily adjustable arm deliver optimal performance. And the gorgeous-sounding Sumiko Pearl Moving Magnet cartridge is pre-installed at the factory.

What do these specifications mean? In plain English, the RM-1.3 doesn’t skimp on construction, parts, technology, or physics. It is the best of both worlds: A turntable that delivers stupendous sound without making any demands on you. You’ll have more time to do what you want: enjoy the music. Join the vinyl revolution and order an RM-1.3 today.

Speeds: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM
Wow and Flutter:  +/- 0.15%
Signal to Noise:  -70dB
Effective Tonearm Length: 8.6 Inches
Overhang: 19mm
Power Consumption: 2W
Dimensions: 15" W x 4.5" H x 13.8" D
Weight : 7 lbs.